St. Petersburg Laser Hair Removal

Female Laser Treatments


  • Areola – $42
  • Bikini Line – $93
  • Brazilian – $134
  • Chest – $42
  • Face (Lip, Chin, and Sideburns) – $78
  • Full Arms – $114
  • Underarms – $95
  • Full Back – $109
  • Full Butt – $103
  • Full Legs – $253
  • Full Stomach – $93
  • Half Arms – $83
  • Half Legs – $170
  • Lip & Chin – $67
  • Lip OR Chin – $40
  • Lower Face – $103
  • Neck – $47
  • Unibrow – $40
  • Sideburns – $42
  • Stomach Strip $42
  • Feet – $40
  • Toes OR Ears – $26

Male Laser Treatments


  • Arms – $155
  • Bikini – $93
  • Buttocks – $206
  • Chest & Abdomen – $387
  • Chest OR Abdomen – $217
  • Feet – $47
  • Full Back – $258
  • Full Beard – $155
  • Full Face – $206
  • Full Legs – $304
  • Half Legs – $232
  • Manzilla – $250
  • Neck – $57
  • Peri-Anal – $75
  • Shoulders OR lower back – $103
  • Toes OR Ears – $26
  • Underarms – $98
  • Unibrow – $42
  • Upper Cheek – $78

*Please call for discounted package pricing for a series of treatments

St. Petersburg Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to effective and precise hair removal, our St. Petersburg clinic is your go-to destination. Our advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology ensure a seamless experience, leaving you with smooth, radiant skin. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to a new era of confidence, all within the vibrant charm of St. Petersburg, FL.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal is a minimally invasive treatment that uses laser/light energy to target unwanted hair, inhibiting it’s ability to regrow, resulting in silky smooth skin!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Diode 1200nm technology uses a broad spectrum of pulsed light wavelengths that penetrate into the pigment residing in the hair follicle. The pigment then absorbs these pulses of light, which then converts to heat energy, and permanently damages the hair follicle. With consistent sessions, this process destroys the follicle and slows the regrowth of hair by up to 90%

Which Areas Can Laser Hair Removal Treat?

Laser hair removal can help eliminate unwanted hair nearly anywhere on your body. However, the treatment works best on areas with thicker hair that contain more melanin (pigment) — like the arms, underarms, bikini, legs, and back.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Take?

The duration of your service depends solely on the size of the area you are having treated. The vast majority of treatments take approximately 60 minutes or less!

Does laser hair removal hurt?

Laser Hair Removal can cause mild discomfort, but it is not painful. Most clients will feel a slight snap when the laser targets the follicle.

What Happens After Treatment?

After a Laser Hair Removal treatment, your skin may have some sensitivity that is comparable to a sunburn. To ease discomfort you may apply a cool compress to these areas.

Why do I need multiple laser hair removal sessions?

Hair follicles grow in phases. There are countless hairs within an area, while some hair follicles are growing, others are laying dormant. Since every hair follicle is in a different stage, typically 6-8 treatments are needed to target each hair during its specific growth phase spaced every 6-8 weeks.

Why is Laser Hair Removal for Darker Skin Tones Different than it is for Lighter Skin Tones?

Laser hair removal uses highly-concentrated beams of light to destroy the hair follicle. To reach the follicle, lasers target the melanin, or pigment, within the hair. Originally, lasers could only focus if there was a noticeable contrast between the hair and the skin, which is why the optimal candidate for laser hair removal was someone with dark hair and fair skin. Fortunately, today’s improvements in technology have made laser hair removal for dark skin tones highly safe and effective!

Prepping for your Laser Hair Removal Treatment (Precare):

Discontinue waxing/plucking/tweezing. You may only shave. Discontinue Tretinoin a least 7 days before your upcoming treatment. No Sun/Sunless Tan Exposure in the last 3-4 weeks. Shave area of concern within 24 hours of your upcoming treatment.

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Pre-Treatment Hair Removal Instructions

  1. If you are concerned about bruising, discontinue medications or supplements that may thin your blood, 7 days prior to treatment. This will help minimize bruising and improve the success of your treatment. This includes aspirin, Ibuprofen, fish oil, Vitamin E, ginkgo biloba and alcohol. If you are taking aspirin or a prescription blood thinner, upon the advice of your physician, do not stop.
  2. Legs – You may wish to bring a pair of shorts to wear during treatment. We recommend you purchase a compression garment to wear from your appointment and for the next several days. Bruising or discoloration may persist for a period of time afterward and full results can take weeks or months to unfold. Plan your treatments accordingly. Fall and Winter are best times to treat leg veins when you are less inclined to wear shorts or be exposed to sun.
  3. Facial – You may wish to have on-hand make-up to cover any possible bruising. Plan according to your plans as bruising can last 7 days or longer.
  4. Plan treatments allowing for a period of no sun exposure, vigorous activity, or use of hot tubs, saunas, or spas for 48 hours after treatment.

Aftercare for Laser Treatments