Post Leg Vein Treatment Aftercare

Post Leg Vein Treatment Instructions

  • Avoid sun exposure and wear SPF 30 sunblock for one month after treatment on all treated areas that may be exposed to the sun.
  • Cold compresses may be applied to reduce redness and swelling.
  • Please call us at the first sign of persistent pain or blistering.
  • Use support hose 20-30 psi worn continuously for three to five days. (You may purchase these at a medical supply store or pharmacy.)
  • Treatment area should be gently washed twice per day with tepid water and mild soap.


Post Treatment, Do Not:

1. Exercise for three days after treatment.
2. Use alcohol, aspirin, Advil, or any blood thinners for five days.
3. Take hot showers, baths, use hot tubs or saunas for five days.


Post Treatment Expectations:

1. Expect some redness and swelling, which may convert to “cat scratch” scab for 8-12 weeks.
2. Leg vein resolution usually takes about 8-12 weeks. At the end of this process, some vessels may be gone while others may be lighter or not affected.

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