Lip Blushing Aftercare Instructions

Immediately following your procedure, your technician will apply a layer of balm in order to protect your freshly opened layer of skin from debris and bacteria while you leave the office. Within a few hours, your skin will begin to regenerate itself, so there will be no need to reapply another layer of balm.


  •  If you have ever had a fever blister obtain the prescription drug Valtrex and take 7 days prior to your procedure and 7 days after.
  • A natural prevention aid is the mineral Lysine at your local health store such as GNC 1000 mg tabs three times a day with food, if you notice diarrhea back off the dose.
  • After the cosmetic lip tattoo wash the lips every 3 hours to 4 hours with cotton balls and water, rub gently and preform this for the first 24 hours.
  • Always keep a very thin coat of Vaseline and Vaseline only on your lips until healed. Always use a new jar of Vaseline.
  • Bruising on the inside of the lips is normal.
  • The feeling of burning on the tissue is normal and will normally stop in 24 hours.
  • Your teeth may hurt from the pressure of hold the skin tight, this will also stop after 24 hours and is normal.
  • Do not apply any makeup around or on the lips until completely healed
  • If you do get fever blisters do not add any medications to the lip tissue or you can pull the color out of the tissue
  • Do not drink from any glass or soda can that you have not washed personally.
  • At restaurants drink from a straw and be sure all eating utensils are clean.
  • Healing can take 2-4 weeks depending on health conditions or fever blisters break out.
  • Book appointment 30 days for your touchup

Returning Client Touch up Policy

A 48-hour cancellation notice is required in order to not be charged an additional $50.00 to rebook another appointment. If past the 30-60 day period of the included touch-up, we will prorate from your original appointment. You must call, leave a voicemail, or send a text to (727)580-3558. If 15 minutes late to your appointment, your appointment will be canceled and you will be charged $50.00 to reschedule, if your past the 30-60 day period, you will be prorated.

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