Eyelash extensions are a technique to add length, volume and even curl to your natural eyelashes. We use Faux Mink lashes which are made out of poly-fiber allowing for a light, soft, fluffy and ultimately, more natural look. They are professionally applied, on each of your natural lashes, holding in place for several weeks. To have better retention for your lashes, after care and refills are highly recommended.

Our Lash Artists are here to make #beautysimplified for you, and would love to help you achieve all of your goals!

Individual Lash Extensions – Classic

In this method, a single extension is applied to each natural lash. This generally results in a more natural look. However, there are still ways to achieve a more dramatic look using a classic set, such as selecting thicker and longer extensions. A classic set offers the length and wispy definition of individual strands.

  • Full Set: $175
  • 2 Weeks Refill: $72
  • 3 Weeks Refill: $83

Volume Lash Extensions

A volume set is a more advanced technique where a fan of multiple extensions is applied to each natural lash. This provides a more dramatic, fuller, and fluffier look. Volume sets are perfect for individuals who enjoy wearing full-coverage make-up frequently. Some clients who have naturally sparse lashes may also choose a volume set to help increase the fullness of their lashes.

  • Full set: $220
  • 2 Weeks Refill: $105
  • 3 Weeks Refill: $115

Hybrid Lash Extensions

Hybrid sets combine the classic and volume technique into one. In this method, some natural lashes get a single extension while others get multiple. A hybrid set possesses the definition of the classic and the fluffiness of the volume, the hybrid set is the best of both worlds!

  • Full set: $198
  • 2 Weeks Refill: $95
  • 3 Weeks Refill: $104

Lash Removal

  • Lash Removal: $28+