Brazilian Waxing – What To Expect!

So you’ve decided to hop on the Brazilian Waxing train? Well, here’s what to expect during your very first appointment, the preparation and post-treatment care, as well as the results to be expected! Can you say hello to smoother skin? Hello!

First, let’s talk about exactly what a Brazilian Wax actually entails. It is basically a step beyond your typical bikini wax; there’s business in the front and business in the back! Removing all of your hair in the bikini area: top, both sides, front, and the back. We often will get the question of if you have to rock a completely nude look down there, and the answer to that is no; you can totally leave a small patch of hair or a small strip down there, just let your waxologist know ahead of time.

Another question commonly asked is if getting a Brazilian Wax hurts. So, we don’t want to sugarcoat this for you, it is not as enjoyable as sipping a Pina Colada out on the beach, but think about how afterwards, you CAN be sipping a Pina Colada on the beach and not having to worry about hair maintenance down there. Waxing such a sensitive area can be uncomfortable, especially for first timers, but our waxologists come highly trained, and will walk you through the entire appointment – no extra stress needed!

Let’s talk preparation! Nothing too complicated here, the prep is pretty straight forward and easy to remember: try not to shave the area that is being waxed for at least 3-4 weeks; hair should be the length of a grain of rice to be properly waxed. We would recommend scheduling out your Brazilian Waxes to not be at the same time as your period as this can cause additional sensitivity, too. It’s always a good idea to avoid alcohol right before, but we’re not stopping you from celebrating afterwards!

The process of the Brazilian Wax is straightforward! Your waxologist will first begin by cleansing the area and will then proceed to wax section by section. The skin will be kept taut, and as the wax is being pulled away, so goes the hair root with it. This aids in hair growing back finer, thinner, and less coarse.

Now, let’s chat aftercare! To prevent ingrown hairs in the weeks following your appointment, regular exfoliation is highly recommended, always try to use a gentle one, primarily one with jojoba beads to prevent microtears in the skin.

It is truly an amazing feeling to be hair-free and care-free as one of our amazing waxologists would say, so let’s make that appointment and get you there! Check out and let’s do it!

April 13, 2021