Lip Color that NEVER Comes Off?!

You apply your favorite lipstick and then you reapply it again and again and again over the course of your day. Worse yet, it comes off on clothing, your favorite cup, linen napkins, stains your teeth, or even worse… it marks the person you lay a big kiss on! That’s embarrassing! Not only does the cost of lipstick keep going up with promises of them lasting 8 hours, all day or even 24 hours, but inevitably, after purchasing and trying color after color and brand after brand, your perfect lip color disappears from the market!

Introducing…Lip blushing. This semi-permanent treatment, also called lip tattooing, or permanent lip color, involves placing pigment into the dermis layer of the lips using an electric needling device, first following the border and then layering color in the body of the lip to saturate them. Lip blushing has continued to grow in popularity over the past several years with its ability to add color to lips, while enhancing the shape and perfecting definition without resorting to dermal fillers. The versatility of lip blushing is very appealing to those considering this cosmetic treatment. Whether you want a more subtle enhancement with a neutral shade or desire a bold pop of color, this technique can be tailored to your desired look. It is important to note that this is a two-step process with a touch-up required six weeks after the initial visit to complete the perfect color look.

As with any cosmetic procedure or treatment, do your research and choose an experienced practitioner who is a licensed Tattoo Artist. Looking at their before and after photos, as well as reading reviews will help you in selecting the right artist to give you the perfect pout. Bring your favorite lip color with you or photos of colors that you are attracted to so that the artist can match it and be ready to discuss what your desired look is. Numbing cream will be applied to make the procedure comfortable and post treatment care is simple. Some mild swelling may be apparent immediately after treatment and could last up to 48 hours. Simple ice application will aid in this. Aftercare will consist of keeping the lips hydrated with a balm as well as keeping the area clean. Avoid contact with hands, glasses, bottles, or cans by using straws to ensure no bacteria gets into the lips.

Lasting one to three years, lip blushing will save you time and money, boost your confidence, and save you from embarrassing lipstick smudging and transferring. Don’t forget those social media posts. You will have the perfect lips to blow a kiss or give the camera a pouty look! Priceless.