Microblading – King of the Hill

Creating perfect brows by implanting pigment into the skin dates back thousands of years, but only emerged onto the cosmetic, permanent makeup scene in the US in 2015. Microblading has continued to be tried and true with both men and women taking advantage of this technique for natural looking, well-defined brows.

A semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, Microblading or brow tattooing, requires 2 visits spaced 6 weeks apart to achieve ultimate results and will typically last 18 to 36 months before needing a touch-up to boost the color. This varies from client to client based on skin type, environment and skincare products or medications used. For example, the use of Retinol or Tretinoin is known to contribute to pigment fading quicker and therefore clients who use them will require more frequent touch-up visits. Unprotected sun exposure and oily skin is another common cause of the ink fading more rapidly.

Seeking out a qualified, licensed cosmetic tattoo artist who has experience with permanent makeup and specifically brows is important. Microblading is done manually with a handheld tool to create strokes that mimic natural brow hairs by depositing pigment into the upper dermis of the skin. Numbing cream is applied prior to minimize or even eliminate any discomfort, but overall, the process is very tolerable. Your eyebrow artist will map out a template based on your facial features to produce the look you are wanting to achieve. Micro hair strokes will be placed within that space using the color you and your artist selected based on your natural coloring, skin tone and how dramatic you want your brows to be.

Microblading is different from traditional tattooing in that the strokes are very precise which allows for reshaping, enhancing and even creating eyebrows that are unique to each person. Shading, also called powder, micro shading, or ombre, can be added to microblading to create a more dynamic brow.’

The result is brows that are perfectly shaped and defined, have a beautiful arch and look natural without the daily hassle of make-up application. The only thing you will be asking yourself is why you didn’t do it years ago!