Microblading Vs Permanent Makeup Brows

A new trend that is becoming popular is microblading eyebrows also known as eyebrow embroidery. Both permanent makeup and microblading are methods of depositing pigment into the skin to achieve

the look of natural, full eyebrows. Although I prefer the longevity and precision of permanent makeup, I offer microblading to those who prefer a more semi-permanent solution.

While they have this in common, there are many things which define them differently.

The microblading procedure is done by hand with a technician pushing pigment into the skin with small needle etches into the skin. The strokes can be very precise, but it requires a great degree of skill to get the pigment consistently into the correct area of the skin. Because the pigment is only deposited into the epidermis, the pigment has a shorter lifespan. It can last up to a year depending on your skin type.

In contrast to this, permanent makeup technicians use machines with precise needles and enough power to deposit the pigment into the dermis, where a true tattoo should be. Because of this,the permanent makeup will last at least 2 years and many times up to 5 years. This makespermanent makeup a great investment because of the money spent and the benefit it gives the client of having perfect eyebrows that don’t need touching up for years.

August 6th, 2017