Nano Brows – The new kids on the block.

Just like technology or medicine, cosmetic procedures and treatments continue to evolve. In the permanent make up world, specifically eyebrows, Nano Brows are the latest evolution and gaining in popularity. In the same family as microblading, nano brows or nano needling is performed with an electric device utilizing ultra- fine needles, similar to the device used for tattoos. The process initially requires 2 treatments, spaced 6 weeks apart to get the perfect final look.

Small, precise strokes are used to create brows that look like hairs in real eyebrows and the nano brow technique provides very realist brows that are fuller and more defined. It can also make brows that are uneven symmetrical and define arches. Color is suited to each person based on your own coloring and preference. Whether you desire eyebrows that are soft and subtle or bolder and more defined, the goal is to complement each client’s natural beauty.

With minimal discomfort during the process and quick healing time, nano brows make it an attractive option for those seeking perfect brows with little to no daily brow maintenance. However, nano brows are semi-permanent, and the pigment will gradually fade and become invisible after about 2 years. On average, touch-ups are done once a year or when a client feels the brows are fading and wants them freshened up.

Choose a licensed tattoo artist who is experienced in brows. Look at their before and after photos, read reviews, and discuss openly with them what your brow goals are. Artistry and the latest technology combined are engaging more and more people, both men and women, to embrace this latest trend in as a real option for achieving eyebrow perfection.

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