Ombre Brows….Powder Brows, which is it?!

The answer is both! This semi-permanent makeup for eyebrows offers a soft gradient, or micro pigment, effect that is customized to achieve graceful definition that fits your vision for your brows. They are more than just a trend – they are an artful and lasting enhancement that celebrates beautiful, naturally defined brows.

The technique uses a handheld device with fine needles that deposit pigment into the skin, creating a subtle “powder” look that gradually darkens from the tail to the start, or front, of the brow. Ombre brows create an airbrushed finish that can uniquely be both bold and defined or more subdued and natural.

Always choose a skilled, licensed tattoo artist with experience in permanent makeup. Be sure to investigate customer reviews, before and after photos, and the reputation of the artist. A consultation will begin the process and is usually done at the start of the appointment. This is when you will discuss the desired shape, thickness, and color of the desired outcome. A skilled artist will guide you based on not only your wants, but also on what will complement your face and eye shape as well as your natural beauty.

The process is relatively painless with advancements in numbing creams and techniques. It is a two-step process with an initial touch-up done 6 weeks after the first treatment when the true color and density of the brows will remain. Any adjustments desired can be made at the follow-up appointment. Results for ombre powder brows are one to three years with various factors coming into play with skin type, skincare routines and after care all affecting the longevity. On-going touchups are desired, with most clients returning once a year to keep them looking fresh.

Aftercare is simple. For the best results, you should avoid any makeup around the brows for at least two weeks while the skin heals. Wash and pat dry daily and keep a thin layer of aftercare balm provided on them while they heal. Some peeling or flaking is normal and minimal. Avoid any facial treatments while brows are healing and stay out of heavy sun exposure.

With its soft brow pencil shaded look, Ombre Powder brows are an attractive option for semi-permanent make up without the daily commitment of makeup application. Time saved and perfect brows!

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