A+Ocean Tattoo Removal Solution (1oz)

Bad Tattoos! Bad or horrible Permanent Makeup? A+Ocean is the worlds first saline removal solution and the worlds first hypertonic saline solution. No other all natural removal product can produce the results A+ Ocean can produce without tissue damage.

A+ ocean is the first hypertonic sterile saline solution on the market. Intended to naturally remove cosmetic and conventional tattoos.

Heal Naturally

With A+ Ocean the goal is to create a superficial controlled scab. A natural healing process that removes or lightens the pigment when the scab falls off.

Carcinogen Free

You will not find any carcinogens or other products used in the formulation that other saline products contain or that have FDA warnings.

All Natural

A+ OCEAN uses the finest sea salt available in the world and then refines the salt through a filtering process that makes it as pure as can possible.

Only Licensed Professionals

This product is for trained and licensed professionals only and results may vary depending on the equipment, needles and techniques used.

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