Tattoo/permanent Makeup Removal – 24 Hour Critical Period!

Here’s the situation: You received a new set of brows, and they weren’t at all what you were expecting… you were botched. We see this happen all to often, and we wish we didn’t! Luckily, here at Arts of Attraction, we are experts in the area of Tattoo Removal, and are here to help! We use the best solution on the market to remove your tattoo or unwanted permanent makeup, and we also carry an after-care serum that will aid in the entire process.

So, why are those first 24 hours critical?

The first 24 hours are so critical because the most ink can be pulled out, as it has not yet settled completely into the skin.

We are, in fact, able to remove up to 90% of the ink when you come in the first 24 hours of your procedure. If you are to wait, allowing the ink to settle, it can be much more difficult to pull the ink out, and can require additional sessions of removal.

What is the removal process like?

A+ Ocean is delivered into the epidermis slowly with a shader needle, so it’s very similar to the original tattoo process and then, the body slowly filters it down into the dermis and then the dermis inflames, and the particles of the pigment are lifted up.

You will form a scab over the area treated, and as the scab forms, the ink is brought up into that scab, and when the scab falls off, the ink will go with it. This makes it so the area continuously fades over time, resulting in removal of the unwanted ink.

Will I be numbed during the removal procedure?

Yes! A topical numbing agent will be applied before beginning, and then a secondary numbing will be applied throughout the removal. We try to make this procedure as comfortable as possible, and with both numbing agents applied, this procedure should be tolerable.

Approximately how many treatments will be needed?

With tattoo/permanent makeup removal, it is hard to pin down an exact number for sessions needed as there can be many factors such as ink depth and implantation, as well as when it was done.

Typically, people will begin to see results after 2-3 sessions, additional sessions may be needed to reach desired results.

March 31, 2021