Laser skin resurfacing is an advanced cosmetic procedure offered by various skin care experts, professional dermatologists, and cosmetic skin clinics. The process works by removing the epidermis (top layers of the skin) to trigger the growth of new skin cells and the production of collagen.

Unlike moisturizers, sunscreens, and other skincare products used to safeguard the skin, laser skin resurfacing offers a permanent solution for removing scars, wrinkles, and blemishes. It is also used to remove hyper-pigmentation and repair skin damage caused by sun, acne, aging, alcohol, or smoking.

The Benefits of Laser Skin Resurfacing

It’s quick and safe

One of the many benefits of laser skin resurfacing is that the procedure is quick and simple. It only takes around thirty to forty-five minutes, making it ideal for people with busy schedules. In addition, laser skin resurfacing is an outpatient procedure. You will not spend a night at the facility upon the completion of the procedure.

Besides, laser skin resurfacing procedures are not performed in hospitals but rather in outpatient surgical facilities. Clients book appointments at their most appropriate time, making it the most convenient for busy clients.

It’s Less Invasive

A most cosmetic procedure, such as facelifts, involves painful incisions. Laser skin resurfacing is less painful and has minor, manageable side effects. Some side effects of laser skin resurfacing include swelling, scarring, bacterial infection, skin pigmentation, and burns.

That said, laser skin resurfacing has a short recovery period of around three to ten days, depending on the size of the treated area and the depth of the laser. However, a non-ablative laser heals more quickly than an ablative laser, which may take up to three weeks.

It Evens Out Skin Tone and Texture

Most people use creams and serums to correct uneven skin tone and texture. While these skin products seem to work, laser skin resurfacing has improved results. Removing the outer skin layer and stimulating the production of new collagen tissue creates a smooth and even surface.

Additionally, laser skin resurfacing improves acne scarring. The intense wavelength breaks down the scar tissue resulting from the acne, revealing healthy new skin underneath. It can also remove accident or surgery scars.

It Reduces Enlarged Pores and the Appearance of Prominent Blood Vessels

Large pores, mainly resulting from age or genes, give your skin a bumpy, uneven texture making you uncomfortable. Although numerous serums and creams help reduce enlarged pores, they are ineffective and require a consistent application. In this case, laser skin resurfacing comes to the rescue by providing a lasting solution. Removing the epidermis makes the pores appear smaller, giving the skin a smooth and even texture.

Laser skin resurfacing can also remove prominent blood vessels, also called spider veins or broken capillaries. These blood vessels resurface when exposed to sun or some kind of irritation affecting your skin texture. The veins can be removed entirely in one or two laser skin resurfacing sessions.

It Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Wrinkles and fine lines are the inevitable products of aging. Although you can’t stop the aging process, you can reduce the effects that come with it. Laser skin resurfacing works by removing the skin’s outer layers and triggering the growth of collagen, the protein that gives skin its structure. This is the easiest way to achieve naturally rejuvenated skin than using heavy makeup to cover wrinkles.

Laser skin resurfacing can also reduce the brown spots, discoloration, or redness associated with aging, resulting in an even skin complexion and smooth texture. You can also remove freckles with a laser skin resurfacing procedure.

Can Be Combined with Other Skin Treatments

The excellent part of laser skin resurfacing is that it can be combined with other skin treatments, such as facelifts or derma fillers. Dermatologists and skincare experts recommend combining laser skin resurfacing with fillers for better results. A laser skin resurfacing procedure is recommended before a derma filler treatment. This is because the growth of new collagen and the tightening of the skin as it heals may change the amount and placement of filler needed.

However, giving at least a week gap between the procedures is vital to allow healing of the treated areas. It is also recommended to consult a professional dermatologist before any laser skin treatment.

It Offers Incredible Results

The idea behind laser skin resurfacing is to eliminate anything undesirable on the skin, including birthmarks, wrinkles, acne scars, etc. Unlike skincare creams and concealers, laser skin resurfacing alters the skin permanently. By removing the upper skin layers, your fine lines or wrinkles are not temporarily tightened but permanently removed.

Regardless of what you desire to eliminate from the skin, laser skin resurfacing offers the exact solution. It gives you brand-new skin that has not been exposed to sun, acne, surgery, etc.

It Offers Lifetime Results

This is the most significant benefit of laser skin resurfacing. The results achieved after the procedure do not fade after a few days. Unlike using skin care products such as facial creams or serums, resurfacing gives you a new skin layer without undesirable scars, birthmarks, or blemishes. Most importantly, the new skin revitalizes collagen, giving you a lifetime rejuvenated look.

It Has No Age Limit

Another benefit of laser skin resurfacing is that it doesn’t have an age limit. However, dermatologists and skin care experts discourage young people from undergoing the procedure. One of the most outstanding arguments for preventing laser skin resurfacing is that young people have better skin quality with excellent collagen repair. Therefore, starting unnecessary skin treatment at a young age might be costly.

In addition, considering laser skin resurfacing for acne treatment as a teenager might not give permanent results. However, laser skin resurfacing can be performed in case of the removal of cancerous cells from the skin regardless of the patient’s age. It also treats other skin conditions, such as Erythema, Hirsutism, and Hypopigmentation.

Final Thoughts

Laser skin resurfacing is the perfect solution for minor and major skin flaws that affect the quality of your skin. Unlike when people were marked with birthmarks or scars, you can rejuvenate your skin with laser resurfacing and achieve your desired look. It does not have limitations on what it can remove.