Unwanted Hair and Laser Hair Removal

In search of smooth skin, free of hair, razor burn, bumps, and painful ingrown hair without constant maintenance? Look no further than Laser Hair Removal. Lasers have come a long way with new technology and better made devices that make this treatment even more desirable, comfortable, easy, and effective.

Concentrated broad spectrum pulsed light wavelengths target pigments in the hair follicles, damaging them and preventing them from growing new hair. Clients with the most contrast between skin tone and hair color have the greatest outcome. Refraining from tanning of any kind prior to being treated is important.

Laser hair removal can virtually be used on any part of the body and both women and men benefit from this treatment. Multiple sessions are required to achieve full results. These sessions are spaced anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks apart to target the different growth cycles of the hair. Catching them at the right time is important to fully affect the follicle and achieve significant reduction in hair. The number of treatments can vary depending on the color, thickness, and density of the hair, but typically the desired outcome can be achieved in 6-10 sessions. Results are long lasting to permanent and vary among individuals.

Choose a reputable licensed laser technician who is using current technology. Their expertise is important to assess your hair and skin, give realistic expectations, give accurate before and after tips, treat you safely, and ensure the very best outcome.

Look into laser hair removal. The only thing you have to lose is well….hair!